Hey everyone,

After 4 amazing years spent at Rasa, I have to share that I will be leaving the Rasa team. It’s a decision that was incredibly difficult to make but I feel like it’s a change that is necessary for my personal and career growth. In the future, you will see me working on a new project in a web3 space.

It has been a privilege to work at Rasa as a Developer Advocate. Sometimes I still catch myself wondering how it is possible that this has been my full-time job - working on a cutting edge technology, educating people on it, and learning from all of you - the Rasa Community. It has been an amazing adventure that taught me so much from the technological perspective, but also enabled me to meet so many enthusiastic and bright people around the world.

I am very proud to see how much the Rasa Community has grown in those 4 years. What we did at Rasa was just a small part of what I believe drove the growth of the Rasa developer community. Your code contributions, content, events, forum activity, and the never-ever ending drive and enthusiasm about conversational AI and Rasa have been the core of why this community grew so much and became so successful.

My belief in Rasa as a project and the Rasa community hasn’t changed. I will stay a big champion of Rasa’s success and you should still see me around on the forums and maybe even putting out some educational content every now and then. Equally, Rasa will stay invested in Rasa Open Source product and growing this amazing developer community. The team is hiring a new developer advocate. If you feel passionate about technology, open source and take pride in helping others to build great things, I highly recommend you to apply.

I want to say thank you to every single person that I had a chance to interact with either virtually or in person. And even if we didn’t have a chance to talk, there is no doubt that every single project and the idea that you shared with the rest of the community has been a major inspiration for me to do more and strive to be a better Developer Advocate.

Thank you for everything. I am sure that this is not a goodbye and that in one way or another we will still stay in touch as Rasa community members. So instead of saying goodbye, I’ll say - until next time!


Congratulations on the next phase of your career. I know your introductory videos helped me get up to speed with Rasa and were incredibly helpful. You have a great gift for making complex concepts seem approachable.

Good luck in wherever you go, you’ll be greatly missed. :heart:

All the best for new job! You were really help Juste, Thanks for raising the bar of advocacy at Rasa.

Thank you for all your work and support for the community @Juste, I wish you a lot of success in your new journey. :heart:

All the best, Juste! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for everything!

Best wishes and thank you for all you’ve done for beginners like me :slight_smile: A fond Aloha to you.


All the best Juste.

Juste, happy and sad to hear: happy for you, sad for Rasa and Rasa developers like me. Must have been a hard decision. You were the first “face of Rasa” I knew when I started learning. Whoever might take your place, it won’t be the same. Good luck.