Facebook integration not working with verify token

I followed all the steps in Chat & Voice platforms for Facebook integration of my Rasa bot. I created an app and put the details in credentials.yml file. I also set up a webhook for the same.

Then I used the following command to start the rasa server python3 -m rasa_core.run -c facebook -d models/dialogue -u models/default/healthbot --port 5002 --credentials credentials.yml

I also have my action server running in another tab. python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions

In another tab, I created a ngrok server with port 5002 and configure my webhook with it.

After all this, I am not able to get the bot running in my Facebook bot page. Also when I go to the ngrok URL with /webhooks/facebook/webhook, I get the error: verify-token invalid

Whereas I put the correct verify-token in my developer webhook and credentials.yml

Please help me with this!

Hey @Arunkumar0258. Sorry for such a late response. Are you still facing this issue?

If yes, have you configured the webhook on facebook and provided the same verify-token value when setting it up?

bumping for an answer from him as too still going/solved. I am at this point now, same symptoms

@Juste @RarCeth Yes I got it working. Apparently, Facebook takes a certain time to configure the webhook. I made a page for my bot using Facebook Apps and configured my webhook and it took me almost a day before Facebook verified it. After that, I was able to use my bot in FB.