Integrating facebook messenger with rasa bot

Hello , i faced an issues when intégrating my chatbot to facebook messenger , the issue was “The Callback URL or Verify Token couldn’t be validated. Please verify the provided information or try again later.” the steps i followed are : 1- creating a new app (facebook dev) linked it with a facebook page 2- generating the page token and secret key , add them to credentials.yml

  1. I ran rasa server using rasa run --credentials credentials.yml

  2. I ran ngrok server …

  3. this is what i got while verifying the callbacks url

image 7. image

Any recommendations or solution :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Hm, looks like the facebook webhook isn’t getting set up for some reason.

can you run your asa server with rasa run --credentials credentials.yml --debug and post the Available web routes in the startup logs?

Hi , thank you so much for your help , the issue is gone now , i used rasa run --credentials credentials.yml --enable-api

Interesting, you shouldn’t have had to have done that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but glad you’re unblocked!

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Thank’s a lot for your kind and quick feedback :smiley: