Error when updating the admin password Rasa x

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy Rasa X on google Cloud platform and follows this tutorial in Rasa Master class. But I am getting the following error message when trying to update the password.

command: sudo python create --update admin me

error: File “”, line 102 command = f"delete {args.username}"

Any guidance would be appreciated.

This has been solved by the following command

sudo docker-compose exec rasa-x python3 /app/scripts/ create me admin --update

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Hey @dilan, thanks for coming back with your solution! I assume you are running ubuntu 16.04? Since we updated the scripts to use fstrings, and ubuntu 16 only supports up to python 3.5, that’s why the issue is occurring (when you exec inside the container, the python version is okay). We’ll make sure to update the docs to reflect this!

I have a similar problem with Ubuntu 20.04.