Facebook messenger not answering

Hi everyone, we are working on setting up a chatbot for fb messenger, but we do not get the bot to respond through messenger. We have been stuck on this for quite a long time, would be great to get some help :wink:

This is our setup: Webhook via Node.js, deployed to Heroku. We followed these steps, but with …/webhooks/facebook/webhook in the Heroku URL: https://medium.com/@viviancpy/part-1-facebook-chatbot-with-heroku-webhook-b14090a136c7

Everything seems to be set up correctly, and we do not get any errors when we run the Rasa server locally. Only the bot does not respond on the facebook page. What should be included in the run command, other than rasa run --credentials credentials.yml?

What are we missing out? Do we have to ammend more files other than credentials.yml and activate action_endpoint in endpoints.yml? What about the python side, is there anything to add to actions.py?

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This has been solved.

can you share your solution?

We skipped the webhook completely.