Deploying BOT onto docker


I am new bee on python & Docker both. Now i am trying to build a chatbot . With the great tutorial, From zero to hero: Creating a chatbot with Rasa NLU and Rasa Core – Justina Petraitytė , i am able to build one custom bot. Its working fine in my local machine. Now i am struck on how to deploy it on docker to mimic into live production environment. I searched on internet and i am not able to connect to any links that are on this topic. Could anyone please share any links or projects thats has this deployment.

In short, i have a bot ready in my local and want to make it productionize through docker. Could anyone please provide step by step procedure to deploy the application onto Docker? Following are my basic questions

  1. How many containers do i need to have? One for Rasa NLU and other for Core and One more for other things like Flask as i am using http channel.
  2. In the many links, i see that Rasa Nlu has container set up but on for Core. Any reason for this? i read it as statefulness of rasa core is reason.

I usually write my content and the orchestration is always with docker, you can take a look

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Thank you so much Souvik Ghosh. This is really nice blog. I can see docker file in github link. Could you please share if you have step step process of deploying on docker.

I am fair new to docker and chatbots. Please help.

Did you try docker-compose ?

I am also struck at that point please any one help me to deploy my bot into cloud.


This is my directory



While i am running below commands i got , Exception: Failed to load domain specification from ‘/app/project/domain.yml’. File not found!

docker run -v $(pwd):/app/project -v $(pwd)/models/rasa_core:/app/models rasa/rasa_core:latest train –domain project/domain.yml –stories project/data/ –out models

How can i resolve it, please help me.

@souvikg10 please help me.