Rasa Webchat deployment using docker

I have created a Rasa chatbot which is deployed using webchat [production environment] (used html files- Flask for navigation of web pages). I have referred to one of your threads ( Dockerizing my rasa chatbot application that has botfront ) and it is really helpful. The webpage is hosted on an on-premise VM. I’m confused with the dockerhub. Why should we create a dockerid? Should we create a repo in dockerhub and put the entire project there? Please help me.

And how can we get the conversations from this webchat in the RasaX?


@sreewarrier Hello, Sree!

It’s up to you, you want to create or not; on that post, I specified the use of docker desktop I guess and for that, you required a docker ID and you can monitor everything containers, images, and volumes in one place.

What is the significance of creating the docker repo and for that you still need a docker ID :wink:. I hope you know how to create the docker hub repo right ok please see this link : Repositories | Docker Documentation

I will suggest, just install dokcer desktop and If you update any code in rasa server or rasa action server, just build the image.

That, a really great question, for that I want to know did you installed the rasa x into your system ?, If yes please share me the rasa --version and this topic is not related to deployment.

I hope, I answered all your question and hope this will help you. Good Luck!

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Thanks a ton !!! :slight_smile: