Help with launching my bot

Hello awesome people of the Rasa Community,

I am trying to deploy the chatbot I have made. I use socketio to launch a server that the chatbot is running on. Because I am making a game where the chatbot is used to generate the reply I use Unity to connect to the server and send the player input to my model. This is all working perfectly. The next step for me is to enable others to connect to the chatbot model so I have to have it running on a server. I have read a lot about docker and using that to create a docker container containing my agent. This is where I am kind of lost. I know I have to create Dockerfiles so I can build an image with that. How much of my Dockerfile should be the same as the ones I see on the rasa github for core and nlu. I have seen some other projects and the Dockerfiles they have look very different to me. So my main question is: “what should my Dockerfiles contain in order for me to build an image and deploy the containers so that people can use the Unity project to connect to the server the chatbot model is running on”. Maybe the problem is that I just dont know enough about how docker works, but so far I have not seen another way of deploying my agents. I also read that with docker-compose I can make a structure that allows the user to talk to different trained models. This is perfect for me because every NPC (3) will have its own trained model behind it. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated! I know that I can do it, I just need a little push in the right direction.

Hey @Flippo13 you can watch this video it will help you to integrate your bot with custom channel,i shown in this video:

Hey thank you for the quick reply. But I am able to interact with the bot using Unity. The problem I now have is that I want to have other people do that from their machine to. So I need to have my bot running on a server that is open for everyone to connect to that has the Unity project on their machine.