Conversation ID with empty spaces and Rasa API

I want to access end to end stories via the related Rasa API Endpoint. I have conversation IDs with empty spaces like this “ - <sender_id>”. When I query the endpoint with the command below I always get the information that the conversation id is not in the tracker. The Rasa server indicates in the logs that the conversation exists as “user - 6xkvja_sSGIUftV7EXfg”.


curl "http://serverhost:5005/conversations/user%20-%206xkvja_sSGIUftV7EXfg/story"


{"version":"3.5.10","status":"failure","message":"Conversation ID not found.","reason":"Not found","details":{},"help":null,"code":404}

Is this an expected behavior? Do I need to change my conversation IDs?

Hello, In your query, you’re using “user%20-%206xkvja_sSGIUftV7EXfg” to represent “user - 6xkvja_sSGIUftV7EXfg”. However, it seems that Rasa is not recognizing the conversation ID in this format. curl “http://serverhost:5005/conversations/user - 6xkvja_sSGIUftV7EXfg/story”

If you continue to experience difficulties, it’s worth checking the Rasa server logs for any potential errors or warnings related to conversation ID handling. PaybyPlateMa Additionally, you can consult the Rasa documentation or reach out to their support channels for further assistance.

Best regard, A2Rhodes

I think there might be a hidden requirement related to the conversation_id in the API documentation. It seems that the sender ID must be a string that is not url encoded. Could that be the case?