What is a conversation id in HTTP API?

Exploring the HTTP API I found request that use the required parameter “conversation_id” (e.g. HTTP API). I tried to find some information about this but didn’t find any. Can someone advise but is meant by conversation_id, how it works and for what it is used?

I think conversation_id is the same as sender id and is set when sending a message using webhooks right? So if the user id doesn’t exist, a new one is created.

@leondroidgeeks Exactly. conversation_id is the same as sender_id.

Great, thank you:)

I am using REST API to communicate RASA from my server.

My requirement is -
I want the sender_id or conversation_id in my actions.py file
Is there any way to get this.

slot we get through tracker.
Is there any method to get the conversation_id

@vi.kumar In your custom action you can get the conversation_id by calling tracker.current_state (API) .This returns a dictionary of several keys including the sender_id aka conversation_id.

yeah Thanks i got it. sender_id = tracker.sender_id

can we use the sender_id to fetch logged-in user’s information? is sender_id related to rasa or is same as user_id from database for logged-in users?