API call - 404 (/conversations)

Just need a 2nd set of eyes on this to make sure I’m not missing something, because I must be. I’d like to get the conversation from the database using the conversations API ( Retrieve a conversation tracker ]

I’m using Rasa 2.8.0 with a Postgres database configured as the Tracker database.

I look in the database in the events table and do not see a conversation_id so I pulled out a sender_id of 8dd19e9af0b441e3975922b2717772a1. Then use it in a GET call (using Postman at the moment)


and getting

    "version": "2.8.1",
    "status": "failure",
    "message": "Conversation ID not found.",
    "reason": "Not found",
    "details": {},
    "help": null,
    "code": 404

Clearly this isn’t correct. Where does the conversation_id come from ?

FYI - just straight up hitting this - http://localhost:5005/conversations/8dd19e9af0b441e3975922b2717772a1?token=myapikey returns a genuine 404 error message, not a json message.

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More investigative information -

The discussion I was attempting to pull out was generated with rasa shell (version 2.8.0), thus the long sender_id.

I swapped down to version 2.6.3, retrained and fired up my web chat ui (custom built) Started a conversation, and it saves the sender_id as ‘wheat’ because I logged in.

I can successfully pull


but can not pull


as the docs say I should, I receive a genuine server 404 message - no json

Trying the initial sender_id -


works as well.

I swap back to version 2.8.0, retrain and try both of those urls again, and … WHAT!? this works now :


SMH… What is happening. Not sure what I did to get it to work.

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Ok, I realize I missed the /tracker on the end of the URLs I posted above that returned a 404.

Everything is working perfectly for me now. Yea! … but not sure why, LOL

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