API Update Slot "Not Found" Error

I’m trying to update a slot for a specific conversation_id via API endpoint, but I keep getting a Not Found error. I am able to hit other API endpoints for this conversation_id though so it’s not that it can’t find the conversation_id

Here’s my code:

response = requests.post("http://url/api/conversations/{}/tracker/events?include_events=NONE".format(sender_id),
                         headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + auth_token},
                         json={"event": "slot", "name": "slot_name", "value": False})

UPDATE: So the “Not Found Error” (status code 404) means that it can’t find the endpoint which is weird because it’s in my logs below.

I added the -vv option when rasa runs and I get these logs:

rasa-production_1  | 2020-07-30 04:55:07 DEBUG    rasa.core.utils  - Available web server routes: 
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/messages          POST                           add_message
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/tracker/events    POST                           append_events
rasa-production_1  | /auth                                              OPTIONS                        auth_bp.AuthenticateEndpoint
rasa-production_1  | /auth/me                                           OPTIONS                        auth_bp.RetrieveUserEndpoint
rasa-production_1  | /auth/verify                                       OPTIONS                        auth_bp.VerifyEndpoint
rasa-production_1  | /webhooks/rasa                                     GET                            custom_webhook_RasaChatInput.health
rasa-production_1  | /webhooks/rasa/webhook                             POST                           custom_webhook_RasaChatInput.receive
rasa-production_1  | /model/test/intents                                POST                           evaluate_intents
rasa-production_1  | /model/test/stories                                POST                           evaluate_stories
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/execute           POST                           execute_action
rasa-production_1  | /domain                                            GET                            get_domain
rasa-production_1  | /                                                  GET                            hello
rasa-production_1  | /model                                             PUT                            load_model
rasa-production_1  | /model/parse                                       POST                           parse
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/predict           POST                           predict
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/tracker/events    PUT                            replace_events
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/story             GET                            retrieve_story
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/tracker           GET                            retrieve_tracker
rasa-production_1  | /status                                            GET                            status
rasa-production_1  | /model/predict                                     POST                           tracker_predict
rasa-production_1  | /model/train                                       POST                           train
rasa-production_1  | /conversations/<conversation_id>/trigger_intent    POST     
rasa-production_1  | /model                                             DELETE                         unload_model
rasa-production_1  | /version                                           GET                            version

The default endpoint is at port 5005 are you using that port?