Conversation and Sender ID

Hello, I’m currently using the rest webhook to talk to my bot in rasa by sending a POST request like this:

	"message": "hello"

However, I also want to be able to track the conversation ID. For example, if I start talking to the bot I want sender1-conversation1 but next time I want to have sender1-conversation2 (same sender but it’s a new conversation)

Thanks a lot

just use /restart to start a new conversation but keep in mind the previous conversation will end and a new conversation will start. you have to send the following request to achieve this { "sender":"sender1", "message": "/restart" } remember to use mapping policy in config.yml file

Hi, thanks but what I meant is that in the action server I’m not getting the conversation ID, only the sender ID. Is there a way to get both?

sorry for late reply. conversation ID and sender ID are the same you can have only one conversation at a time for one seder ID. If you want to have multiple parallel conversations for the same sender ID you can add some random number to the sender ID like senderID+1. or you could just use /restart if you don’t need parallel conversations.

Thanks, was afraid so. However, in the docs for the action server (here) the request json has both sender_id and a conversation_id inside the tracker.

yes but currently they point to the same sender_id. Hope you solved your problem. If you solved it mark it as solved.