POST messages to a chat widget


I’m new to Rasa. I would like to test sending custom messages to the user via REST and see that on a chat widget.

I’ve followed the steps described in Reminder bot and am seeing success written after the POST request.

I can see the core response in the callback server window but the widget does not post any message. I’m using this widget from @JiteshGaikwad

Is there a way to do this locally?

I was using the wrong output channel. The callback server was working properly. To post to the widget (Botfront) I set up the socket connection.

@bahadirozkan Hi, you just want to integrate your rasa chatbot to rasa botfront widget ? If yes please see this video : Rasa chatbot website integration | Quick tutorial - YouTube or if you have other doubt please let us know and we will try to solve your issue together :slight_smile: Good luck!

Hi @bahadirozkan would you mind sharing how you achieved this? I am also using the Botfront widget but I am unable to send custom messages to the widget.

It’s unclear to me how to call the API and is it necessary to setup a callback channel if we are using server?