Chatbot don't respond

The chatbot don’t respond after send request. I’ve got this error from Web Browser network :

{"reasons":["Authorization header not present."],"exception":"Unauthorized"}

What can i do ?

Rasa X version : 0.33.0

Can you please try to log in and out?

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It’s the same thing, I tried to clear data of my web browser. I downgraded rasa x to 0.32.2 and it’s the same thing, the bot don’t respond.

my web browser send more than 600 http request with {"reasons":["Authorization header not present."],"exception":"Unauthorized"} error message. And my cpu and ram grow up to 100%. I don’t konw how to fix this problem alone :

Pls if someone have an idea because 4 month after, I’ve got always the same problem. I’m now on Rasa X 0.36.0