Authorization header not present


I am running a Rasa X + Rasa instance on a remote VM using the docker-compose solution (from the Rasa documentation) I think I followed the instructions quite carefully.
The training works fine, but conversing with the bot doesn’t work (neither through rasa x workspace, or using the " Share your assistant with Guest Testers" option)

When I do some debugging in the browser, I see the following errors for_rasa

Then if I try to manually fetch the endpoint /api/conversations/e9bf2bee7f074649bdce56d89bd5a33a?format=full_conversation&since=0&environment=production:1

Then I get {“reasons”:[“Authorization header not present.”],“exception”:“Unauthorized”}

Does anybody understand this?


Hi @nailon. Does this help?

Hello, Actually a fresh install seemed to clean this problem up. Thanks :slight_smile: