RASA X Server on EC2 not responding to API calls

I followed this tutorial to set up the RASA X server with the integrated version control:

I can chat with the bot on the RASA X UI and so forth and now I want to make API calls to this server.

How do I proceed with this?

Also if I update the credentials.yml file in the repo will that be sufficient to update it on the server as well because I added the


in the credentials.yml file in the repo.

Ok I also added it now to the credentials.yml file on the EC2 instance.

OK so I managed to get a kind of response from the server but I only get the following:

    "reasons": [
        "Authorization header not present."
    "exception": "Unauthorized"

How can I have a conversation with the bot by making API calls to the server? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Ok so I got it fixed the following way:

First in Postman run:


With a body payload of

  "conversation_id": "112",
  "chat_token": "<token you get from the RASA UI>"

This will give you an access token.

Now run


With body


Also adding in the authorisation tab Bearer Token authorisation and adding the access token in there.