Change Context path - RASA

Hi, I would like to change the default context path (webhooks/slack/webhook )in the RASA framework to something like webhooks/XYZ/webhook. This is required as this is conflicting the context path with other team that use RASA framework. Please let me know if it is possible. If so where we need to change in the RASA script?

Any thoughts?

@Navin The prefix is currently determined based on the channel “name” . A workaround would be to subclass the Slack channel and overwrite def name(). The other option would be to create a feature request to make the used name configurable :thinking:

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger,

Thanks for the update. At present the default context path for Rasa is webhooks/slack/webhook We need the context path to webhooks/XYZ/webhook

So do we need to change the return “slack” to return “XYZ” in the at the line numbers 21 and 122 to fix this? Any other changes required?


Yes, that should work :+1: Happy to review a PR to make this more flexible :pray:

Thanks @Tobias_Wochinger. Will modify this script accordingly and update. I have raised feature request for this as well.


Hey @Tobias_Wochinger, Apologies for the delayed reply. Changed to change the context added /XYX/webhooks.It worked. But didn’t work if we change the context path to the one below webhooks/XYX/webhook in So we are going ahead with changes in It would be better if we can get this configured somewhere in rasa by means of some command instead of changing the source code.