Bot is memorizing the entity mappings from nlu.yml for enity: source and entity: destination

If I am using below data to train , it’s memorizing the entity values(when not using roles) or memorizing the roles(when using roles) , so its not filling the slots dynamically.


  • intent: book_train examples: |
    • Please purchase train ticket for me
    • I want to book ticket from [Delhi]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “source”} to [Kolkata]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “destination”}
    • I want to buy ticket
    • Book train ticket
    • Please book a ticket to [Bangalore]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “destination”}
    • please buy ticket from [Kolkata]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “source”} to [Chennai]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “destination”}
    • I want a flight from [Assam]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “source”} to [Sikkim]{“entity”: “location”, “role”: “destination”}

Below is the test confidence:
{ “text”: “Book a ticket from Kolkata”, “intent”: { “name”: “book_train”, “confidence”: 0.9998188614845276 }, “entities”: [ { “entity”: “location”, “start”: 19, “end”: 26, “confidence_entity”: 0.9973909854888916, “role”: “destination”, “confidence_role”: 0.6011223196983337, “value”: “Kolkata”, “extractor”: “DIETClassifier” } ],

Kindly help me on this

The nlu.yml file contains examples for your intents and entities. Many questions on the Rasa forum are about slots and slot mapping.