Why isnt rasa 3 slot storing the data (newbie)

I am just getting started with rasa 3 and following examples. I can’t get slots storing text to accept data that isn’t explicitly in the examples. ie I have a slot in domain.yml

- my_name
- study
    type: text
    influence_conversation: false
    - type: from_entity
      entity: my_name

and I have this in my data/nlu.yml

- intent: tell_name
  examples: |
    - my name is [borat](my_name)
    - my name is [tom](my_name)
    - my name is [bill](my_name)
    - my name is [moe](my_name)
    - my name is [curly](my_name)
    - my name is [larry](my_name)
    - my name is [robert](my_name)
    - my name is [david](my_name)
    - my name is [karen](my_name)
    - my name is [ricky](my_name)
    - I am [tom](my_name)
    - I am [bill](my_name)
    - I am [moe](my_name)
    - I am [curly](my_name)
    - I am [larry](my_name)
    - I am [robert](my_name)
    - I am [david](my_name)
    - I am [karen](my_name)
    - I am [ricky](my_name)

I have my_name and study set up in the same way, but rasa won’t remember my_name’s data unless I use one of the examples in the nlu file. However for study, which is a meaningless code, I can enter other values and rasa remembers it. Intersetingly, if I enter ‘I am william’ , rasa does remember it, even thourgh it is NOT in the examples in the nly file. Can someone tell me how to set up slot for my_name so it remembers any entry. Thanks!

There’s a good blog post on entity extraction here that should help.

To provide a bit more of context, You can tell rasa to use a regular expression to extract certain partterns, but it won’t create entities itself if it doesn’t know how. In that example, rasa only knows about those names and doesn’t know what else can be a name. A custom action could help to extract the name.

If you want to have a free-text entity such as a name, the easiest path IMO would be to have the value from text and let the user write only it. You could apply some sanitizing to the input.

Here is an example i built while learning about Rasa: GitHub - josejulio/rasa-form-demo: Demo Rasa and slots extraction mechanisms found in Rasa forms that might be helpful.


Thank you both for answering! Josejulio that was helpful. I have it working and will study it. Thanks again!