Get entities in online trainment

Hello again, so, i have a question about slots, online training and entities.

When i run my bot, to talk, the slots are filling correctly, but when i run this in online trainment, this entities and slot don’t fill.

I have around 10 examples for each intent/entity.

Someone can help me?

when you run your online training, is it able to find the correct intent?

Can you give an example

I ajust it. I was not passing “-u” parameter ¬¬ Sorry

python -m rasa_core.train --online -d $DOMAIN_FILE -s $STORIES_FILE -o "${PROJECT_PATH}/${PROJECT_NAME}/${CORE_MODEL_NAME}" -u "${PROJECT_PATH}/${PROJECT_NAME}/${NLU_MODEL_NAME}" --epochs 500 --batch_size 10 --validation_split 0.2 --endpoints $ENDPOINTS_FILE

Another question, exists a way to run online training just in python? Because i have a simple chat interface, and i want integrate the online training with it.