Regarding intent mapping

Hi guys , I am trying to build sample movie chat bot where user should be able to book movie tickets for getting movies i am using some sample but there is an issue with extracting entity like everyday movie names are changing so rasa entity extractor unable to extract properly ,how can i deal with such situations any suggestions will be helpful for me …


Hi @Beherasaptami. How many NLU training examples do you have that contain this movie entity? If you can share the relevant training data and your config.yml, that would be helpful.

Hi please check the attachments and let me know if i am doing wrong somewhere .config.yml (123 Bytes) (39.2 KB) (6.4 KB)

if new movies is added to API then it’s unable to extract the entity for movies .

HI , i found one more issue regarding intent mapping like if i train my data in upper case ,and if user asking the same in lower case then also it’s getting failed to extract enitity

Hi @Beherasaptami. You do not have many examples of the movie entity. You should see better performance of the entity extractor if you add more training examples.

As you have noticed, case matters. You will want to have examples of all the different ways users might communicate to your assistant, so it can classify the intent and extract entities with a much higher accuracy. I highly recommend using the share your bot feature of Rasa X to gather real conversations from your friends and colleagues that you can use to significantly improve your training data