BOT Builder using Rasa

Hello Everyone,

We are trying to create a bot builder for one of our client in Korean Language. Currently we have created one server containing React based UI where we create data folder files and domain files from user. We want to Push this automatically to a second server where bot will be trained using rasa x using docker as per rasa Docs. Then i want to Fetch the data back to server one to show bot responses. For this i m using HTTP API .

Issue 1> Is pushing the data from server one to server two like in github Version control.

Issue 2> Fetching data back to server 1 using HTTP API .

Issue 3> What Should be requirement of server for Bot Builder on server 1 and server 2 both. I have read the min requirement to host a single bot on cloud using docker or kubernetes.

Can you clarify your questions for issues 1 and 2? Also, why do you feel the need to have another place to create the data and domain file outside of Rasa X?

Hi, Sorry for late reply, Since i have my own UI for creating bot and saving intents, entities etc. I m able to create, domain file and other files from my UI and with a node command i m able to fetch that data to second server. but the second server where rasa x installed using docker cant read those data and show in rasa x UI. Also the major issue is to get POST and PUT response from RASA X HTTP API. It mostly says Authorization error.