Rasa X Freezing


I am currently using Rasa X to view incoming conversations for my chatbot. However, when I choose to go into the NLU inbox, the page freezes every time and I get a notification that the page is unresponsive. I have attempted to increase the resources for the cluster, but that did not seem to help the freezing page.

Any ideas?



@abhi please share rasa --version ?

@nik202 yes, sorry about that!

Here are the versions:



@abhi you working on local host or server? can you share some screenshot for the same and even try delete the cookies and cached and spin the rasa x.

So it is hosted on a kubernetes cluster. The issue I am having is that even browsing the nlu inbox page seems to make it freeze. It seems to happen all browsers even after clearing cache. Also wanted to mention that the chrome tab shows a spike in cpu usage as well. The client side performance is quite laggy.

@fkoerner Hi sorry to bother you, but any ideas?

@abhi How many messages (roughly is fine!) are in your inbox?

Are other pages (for example the conversations) loading okay?

HI @fkoerner,

Sorry for the late response!

Currently, the inbox has about 12,000 messages. However, the freezing occurred even while there was only about 300 messages in the inbox.

Surprisingly, the other pages like conversations work fine with no freezes. We have tried to increase the resources for the cluster, but that did not seem to help with the freezing.

Thanks again for the help!