Attended chat bot: only suggest answers for operator to choose from?

Hi, I am discovering Rasa, and couldn’t find the answer to my question: how can we make the bot only suggest replies, then let a human operator choose among those potential answers and (if need be) edit the answer before sending it manually ?

I have seen it is possible from the ERGO use case: “The AI immediately suggests suitable answers, dramatically reducing response time and boosting productivity and resource availability”.

But no idea how to achieve that: would it require some additional software (nodered ?) as wrapper ?

@deedee If you can give some examples, we can understand your query.

Sorry, I mean like this:

  1. customer asks something
  2. bot does not answer directly, but suggests some answers to a human operator. Human operator chooses best answer and/or edits, then sends.

Basically, a continuous human hand-off, where the bot keeps listening and proposing answers to the human operator (and never replies directly).

@deedee You mean, bot should display the options and user select from that right and proceed the bot/user conversations, such as

Bot: Hello, how can I help you?
Please select from the given menu
A | B | C

User: User select A 

Bot: A ( Please select from the below options)

X | Y | Z 

User: User select Z

etc etc right?

No. Like this:

User: I want to book a double room, two nights, starting Saturday

Bot does not answer anything to user: instead, bot will display one or more answers to a human operator. The human operator will select an answer, maybe change (edit) a little, then send it to the user.

User: …bla bla bla

Exactly like the Ergo use case I mentioned.

@deedee Ergo, that fine but whilst seeing a small screen (with few links of conversation), how can we suggest. The above example, I can understand and will provide the relevant solution.

Found it: it’s called hybrid chat. Here is an example of implementation: