Using HTTP Api Get issue

My rasa core is 0.11.12 and I am using HTTP api GET link to get the log conversation. The log file did store the slot value, however, when I run the command:

curl http://localhost:5005/conversations/default/tracker | python -mjson.tool

It returns slot value as null:

    "events": [
            "event": "action",
            "name": "action_listen",
            "timestamp": 1545796214.6885061
    "followup_action": null,
    "latest_event_time": 1545796214.6885061,
    "latest_input_channel": null,
    "latest_message": {
        "entities": [],
        "intent": {},
        "text": null
    "paused": false,
    "sender_id": "default",
    "slots": {
        "requested_slot": null,
        "slot_against": null,
        "slot_agree": null,
        "slot_reason": null,
        "slot_thesis": null,
        "slot_topic": null

Also the sender_ID returned as “default”. Anyone know what’s going on there?

Anyone has experienced in this issue?

If I didn’t use chatroom, the HTTP API commands works. Anyone know how to fix chatroom in this case?

I also encountered the same problem, did you solve it later?

@ Ella Rohm-Ensing hello ,please