Client for conversation_id 'me' could not be found"

Hi, I deployed rasa x on server.I get the following error when I try to test in the talk section

"message":"Client for conversation_id 'me' could not be found",

my endpoints.yml:

# This file contains the different endpoints your bot can use.

# Server where the models are pulled from.

#  token:${RASA_X_TOKEN}
#  wait_time_between_pulls:  ${RASA_MODEL_PULL_INTERVAL}   # [optional](default: 100)

# Server which runs your custom actions.

 url: ${RASA_USER_APP}/webhook

# Tracker store which is used to store the conversations.
# By default the conversations are stored in memory.
   type: sql
   dialect: "postgresql"
   url: ${DB_HOST}
   port: ${DB_PORT}
   username: ${DB_USER}
   password: ${DB_PASSWORD}
   db: ${DB_DATABASE}
   login_db: ${DB_LOGIN_DB}
#    type: redis
#    url: <host of the redis instance, e.g. localhost>
#    port: <port of your redis instance, usually 6379>
#    db: <number of your database within redis, e.g. 0>
#    password: <password used for authentication>

#    type: mongod
#    url: <url to your mongo instance, e.g. mongodb://localhost:27017>
#    db: <name of the db within your mongo instance, e.g. rasa>
#    username: <username used for authentication>
#    password: <password used for authentication>

# Event broker which all conversation events should be streamed to.

  type: "pika"
  username: ${RABBITMQ_USERNAME}
  password: ${RABBITMQ_PASSWORD}
  queue: queue

my credentials.yml

# This file contains the credentials for the voice & chat platforms
# which your bot is using.

#  # you don't need to provide anything here - this channel doesn't
#  # require any credentials

# facebook:
#  verify: "D0rArg3_"
#  secret: "8d2eb1444bca51b51bc4bc5c0361c9e9"
#  page-access-token: "EAAe9n7ZA4BtUBAOTwPTel50HrmZAO4JQkzOzxhZCWtIrGFpJEh746JjqLAZANBXneBmP0CZC3mW1ltmgZCdVmJayuiJVEF6qnOGaNobNguOaqpRYA2QXUQf6SnpbFu6Yfm7CqJUeRW7OPBc2EZBHWLxlCpVNpGiffFeAuwmLZAculQZDZD"

 slack_token: "mytoken"
 slack_channel: "#mychannel"

#  user_message_evt: <event name for user message>
#  bot_message_evt: <event name for but messages>
#  session_persistence: <true/false>

  url: ${RASA_X_HOST}/api

Hi @harunkelesoglu, it looks like you haven’t had a conversation with the bot, so the conversation isn’t available yet. Just send a message to the bot and you should see the conversation history.

I hope that helps!

Hi, I encountered the same issue when i upgrade the rasa-x to the latest version, it seems not work any more.Have you found what’s wrong with it?

I’m experiencing the same issue.

Unfortunately, trying to send a message to the bot via Talk to your bot -> Mode: Talk in the Rasa X UI does not work for me, the response doesn’t get displayed:

Is there any other workaround that can make Mode: Talk work?

I am experiencing similar issue:

The response is not getting displayed. However, when i refresh the page the responses are shown. Do we know the reason for this please?

Would you mind upgrading to 0.21.1? Does the problem still happen?