RASA webhook link with API

Hi all, I was reading through some documentations but have still some confusions about what ‘webhooks//webhook’ or ‘webhooks/rest/webhook’ do. I am using RASA OPEN SOURCE and calling and training them through HTTP API by using a url without webhook eg) ‘https://localhost:5005/model/train’.

Could someone explain what is the difference of this webhook url and the normal url? I am guessing I use webhook url to integrate it with my website/app after training and finishing building up my chatbot. Or is it the url that I can replace the local development server to use with these POST requests available in this link (eg ''https://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook/model/train")?

The webhook is one of the channels for available for a chat UI to interact with a bot. You can read about it here. Channels are enabled via configuration in the endpoints.yml file. You’ll find channels also for websockets, slack, twilio, telegram, etc.