Rasa Slack Integration via Slack Socket mode


Wanted to ask if anyone has integrated their rasa bot with slack via slack’s socket mode? If so what are the steps? I am running my Rasa X on AWS on a private IP.

Thank you

hi @bcbox - we don’t support socket mode out of the box, though you can probably implement it as a custom channel.

what’s missing from the usual webhook approach that means you can’t use it?

Got it, thank you! The main issue is that my AWS instance is not exposed with a public IP (intentionally so), and so I am unable to enter the Request URL at Event Subscriptions

Hi Alan,

I have the same question. My company doesn’t allow us to use public facing HTTP endpoint for request URL in Slack. So the only option is socket mode.

Could you please explain what you mean by “you can probably implement it as a custom channel.”? Is there a workaround? If so, could you explain it in detail please? am pretty new to this. Any help is appreciated.

Agreed on the problem raised by Anand @anandkumar , I would love for a more detailed guide / walkthrough on how to implement socket mode for slack. @amn41

sure! there are implementations for a bunch of different channels here

you can look at the slack and socket channels for inspiration.

There are docs on how to build a custom channel here

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@bcbox I am still not sure how to implement this. If you figure it out, could you please share the steps with me?

I don’t understand a thing from rasa documents.

Thanks for the prompt reply Alan! @amn41 By any chance has the rasa team ever integrated Slack socket mode with rasa? It would be great to be able to see an example if something has been written before for an example bot

yes Alan. some sample code would be a bliss

@amn41 my company policy also does not allow public facing URL to receive slack messages. It would be very helpful and will open lot of use cases if Rasa team creates a socket channel for slack. Thanks in advance!

For anyone who reaches this thread, I faced a similar issue with regards to not being able to use a public facing URL. I implemented a custom Rasa channel and detailed the approach/implementation in this article. I hope it helps!