Add message to tracker

Hi all, there is a way to add message to tracker “simulating” bot?

Add message to tracker API can help?

Thanks in advance,

Could you elaborate a bit more? What are you trying to do by adding this “simulated” response?

I already have a chat with no ai assistant, so conversation is visitor - human.

I want to push my conversations (visitor - human) in Rasa X as starting point to analyze conversations and define my assistant intents, stories, etc… until I’m pretty confident to public the bot.

In Rasa X Conversations I have: DemoBot (bot messages) - user (visitor messages)

I would like: DemoBot (human operator messages) - user (visitor messages)

I’m wrong approch ? I think this is Conversation Driven Development, no?

I try that API but it says me: “Currently, only user messages can be passed to this endpoint. Messages of sender ‘bot’ cannot be handled.”

Maybe I resolved with Create a new event in the tracker of a conversation Rasa X API.

With this API I can push human operator messages like bot messages so I see the conversation.

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