Listen conversations

Hi all, I’m Rasa and Rasa X newbe.

I already have a chat but it’s managed by human. I want to be managed by bot. Inspired from Conversation Driven Development, my plan is to follow these steps:

  1. open rest channel and make Rasa + Rasa X listen real visitors conversations
  2. analyze conversations (create intents, stories, etc…)
  3. loop: train model + improve bot + test bot (Talk to your bot feature)
  4. public my bot on website chat

Is there any way to step 1? I can push my chat messages to Rasa + Rasa X calling POST /webhooks/rest/webhook API using chat_id for sender field but, in Rasa X conversations view, I would like to distinguish human (operator) messages from those of the visitors. In other words I would like to see the real conversation like bot - visitor conversation but with human instead of the bot.
Is there any way to accomplish this?

If not, am I wrong approach?

Thanks in advance,

p.s. sorry for my english.

Version: Rasa X 0.35.1 Version: Rasa 2.2.10

Hi Fede,

We recently released a new feature that takes a similar approach and you might find interesting. It’s called end-to-end learning and our CTO has a recent blog post about the feature and how to use it.

You could load your actual conversations as described there.