Add calender to rasa

I’m developing a hotel booking bot. My requirement is to display a calendar so the user can pick both check in and check out dates from the calendar.

I have added below code in my doman.yml. But am not getting any o/p on when i open it in web page

templates: utter_take_bet:

  • custom: blocks:
    • type: section text: text: “Make a bet on when the world will end:” type: mrkdwn accessory: type: datepicker initial_date: ‘2019-05-21’ placeholder: type: plain_text text: Select a date

Any idea guys?? or is there any way we can do it using ??

hi @somit1234

are you able to inspect the request that is getting sent to Rasa? I’m guessing that you are using a custom chat widget that can display a date picker. Via browser tools you can see the request and response and see if this data is getting sent back correctly.

hi! were you able to add the calendar ? can you tell me how ? thnk u