Add calendar to my webchat

Hi everyone,

I am building a chatbot asking for dates at some points. I would like to display a calendar for the user (similar to html).

Is it possible?

Thank you :slight_smile:

hey @Ahmed you can refer this link


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Thank you for your help and this suggestion. I tried to implement it in out templates.yml However, I get this error:

2019-06-04 07:38:19 ERROR rasa.core.nlg.template - Failed to fill utterance template ‘{‘custom’: {‘blocks’: [{‘accessory’: {‘initial_date’: ‘2019-05-21’, ‘placeholder’: {‘text’: ‘Select a date’, ‘type’: ‘plain_text’}, ‘type’: ‘datepicker’}, ‘text’: {‘text’: ‘Quelle est la date de départ de cette personne (JJ/MM/AAAA) ?’, ‘type’: ‘mrkdwn’}, ‘type’: ‘section’}]}}’. Tried to replace ‘text’ but could not find a value for it. There is no slot with this name nor did you pass the value explicitly when calling the template. Return template without filling the template.

Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/rasa/core/nlg/”, line 114, in _fill_template_text text = re.sub(r"{([^\n]+?)}“, r”{0[\1]}", template[“text”]) KeyError: ‘text’

I didn’t change the given custom template… Any idea?

Thank you

Hi, I have the same problem …

hi ! were you guys able to do so ? may you help me ?