Using Datepicker in Rasa web chatbot


I want to use a date picker in the rasa chatbot. I using this code in the domain.yml file.

  - custom:
      - accessory:
          initial_date: '2019-05-21'
            text: Select a date
            type: plain_text
          type: datepicker
          text: Can you tell me the start date and end date?
          type: mrkdwn
        type: section

after training a model when I run the rasa x command to see the output on UI it’s coming like this: Screenshot from 2022-11-18 11-09-49

please help me to solve this problem I’m facing this for too long. I’m new in rasa so please guide me to solve this problem.


if you’re building a slack bot and you want to use the date picker element, Rasa was throwing an error for the custom payload.