Add calendar to my bot

hi , i want to add calendar to my bot in order to fill slot date , is that possible with rasa ? can somebody please quide me ? thank you

@rahma Hello! It is depends basically on the front end you are using or channel. Can I asked what is your frontend?

hi ! i’m using the rasa web-chat for now , but i’m open to other suggestions

@rahma Check the documentation of Botfront (Rasawebchat) GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront. I guess it don’t support the calendar.

can you suggest another front end ? or a tuto on how to create one ? thank u

@rahma For Example, Slack has an block datepicker which you can incorporated to Rasa as follows:

  - custom:
      - type: section
          text: "Select the date:"
          type: mrkdwn
          type: datepicker
          initial_date: '2021-07-02'
            type: plain_text
            text: Select a date

Try, integrate slack with Rasa.

in fact i want to add the bot to a website

@rahma Hi, on which website?

my own website

@rahma Its developed on Wix, Duda, Wordpress? It is deployed on some server? like domain name?

You can add a link to an event from Google and other calendars to chatbots so that users add events to their calendars.