Add a datepicker in rasa chatbot

Hello everybody! I need your help please, any idea how to add a date picker in rasa chatbot using rasa-x? I need it urgently so the user does not have to write the date like for example 10 November 2020 because we may face erros if he types 10 novebre 2020 instead since I am using the date to calculate some values. Thank you in advance

Hi @MariamHar, Adding datepicker to the chatbot is completely depends on the UI you are building. If you want to collect date from the user, then you need to utter custom payload from rasa so that it will be conveyed to the Frontend.

Hi @MariamHar,

Can you share a little more about your use case? It may be useful to include a form that validates that the required slots have been filled, i.e. month, day, year, and then handle your calculation in the submit method. If these are not filled, you can include a reprompt that assists the user in providing the information in the right format. I’m only aware of support for date pickers in custom channels and the interactive components of slack, but it could be approached from a conversational design perspective in a way that still provides a positive user experience.