Actions server and endpoints.yml

Hi I am trying to run the action server for the financial bot , but unable to set the endpoints to the one that is specified in the endpoints.yml.

The action server is running as: Action endpoint is up and running on http://localhost:5055

Where as the endpoints.yml is specified as action_endpoint: url: “http://localhost:5056/webhook

Appreciate guidance on what is wrong.

@Achamma-Chandy change 5056 to 5055 or vice-versa :slight_smile:

  url: 'http://localhost:5055/webhook'

Whatever port you will mention in endpoints.yml it will run on that port, the port must be free and open for traffic.

I hope it will solve your query!

Thanks @nik202 I am able to run the the action server on port 5056 if I give the argument -p 5056 as in “rasa run actions -p 5056”, but was wondering why it is not reading from the endpoints.yml.

@Achamma-Chandy Maybe your code is scared of you. :stuck_out_tongue: anyways, happy that you fixed your issue. But, it’s an overhead command every time to mention port -p 5056. I guess this issue you are facing whilst running the rasa financial bot :sunglasses:? Is it?

yes…the issue is with the rasa-financial bot example. My question is when does the content of endpoints.yml get executed?

Is it only to instruct the rasa server that the custom actions have to be run at the endpoint specified in the endpoints?

In the instructions, its given to specify the port no:

@Achamma-Chandy Yes I know it :slight_smile: . As mention in the ReadMe Files, the bot will run by default on the 5055. If you need to run the on 5056 you need to mention the port.

@Achamma-Chandy It’s the action server that is run by the mentioned command and localhost with port & webhook. Its also used to run the custom actions, tracker stores, and event broker, without this you can’t build and run your custom codes. I hope it solved your question.

thanks @nik202