Issue while running Rasa bot on website


I am trying to run the bot on a website using rest channel. But when i am making changes in endpoints.yml file which already has


** url: “https://localhost:5005/webhook”**

I replaced the url here with >>> (ip address of my website:5050) & also did rasa train after these changes.

Then, ran rasa server with following command : python -m rasa run --m ./models --endpoints endpoints.yml --port 5050 -vv --enable-api --cors "*"

still rasa server is running on localhost only. & bot’s not reponding on website.

How do i solve this ?

Kindly help. Thanks!

Hi Vaidehi,

can you confirm that if you send traffic to the Rasa action service on your website that you get a proper response?

Hey hi,

Thanks for responding.

No i don’t get response of the bot on website.

If you don’t get a response from your action service while sending a curl request then the issue is in the connectivity there. Where are you running your action service?

Thanks for the response. The issue has been resolved. There was issue in ssl certificate itself.