Deploying Rasa to website and running actions server


I have managed to deploy my bot on an existing website using the Rasa Webchat channel here GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A chat widget for Rasa and Botfront. The bot runs on port 5055 which is the same as the action server when its on the website. My question is how would I run the bot on an existing website but also run my actions server which uses the same port 5055. At the moment I can’t run actions due to the fact that the bot is using the actions endpoint when running on an external website.

Any ideas here?

Best, Kit

you can change the port of actions in the endpoints.yml file. change it to some other port than 5055.

thanks for your response. So that was my initial thought but I guess my question is how would I “add” another endpoint if that makes sense. For example the current action endpoint is

 url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook

And I’m starting the server for the external website chat component with this:

python3 -m rasa run --m ./models --endpoints endpoints.yml --port 5055 -vv --enable-api --cors "*"

Would I need another endpoint within the endpoints.yml file?

I understand what you mean by changing the action server port to something other than 5055 but I am under the assumption that the external chat component is accessing the same endpoint in the endpoints.yml file. I hope this makes sense

then you can simply change the --port 5055 to some other number and update the same in the webchat widget code so that both action server and chat server can run

WOW! I could have sworn I tried this the first time i deployed and it didn’t work. I can’t believe mental spasm I just had with this being so simple. You are correct I changed the port to 5056 when starting the rasa server and updated the html for the webchat, spun up the actions server and all is working.

Thank you very much @saibharani !

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Glad that helped

Is your bot is accessible by everyone or just yourself?

@kitrana08 are you able to edit the Rasa webchat? for your custom use ?. its running locally or it can also run from other system too? How many users can it support for the conversations? Any valuable suggestions please. Many thanks.