Absolute beginner , need help with chatbot

I’m new to RASA and would like to deploy a chatbot preferably on Facebook or integrated to a website, preferably both. My business logic primarily relies on fetching data from the database , values and tables if possible. And also integrate a payment gateway as a final touch. My primary concern is I want it to be deployed online so that it can learn from user interactions and the database to be of online nature so that it can actually serve external users. Any guidance would be appreciated . Such as how can I set my training to online mode so that it learns constantly , is mlab a good online data base choice and how can I integrate a payment gateway which will accept user form details before payment prompt. Thank you.

@Ajith-Shenoy in order to integrate with external system (in your case payment gateway) you can have a custom action class which in turn can invoke external APIs as described here.

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Will look into it. Thank you Apurva.