Rasa chatbot is only to integrate with social media or websites also?

I want to know whether rasa chatbot is only for social media integration or we can put in websites also? because I couldn’t find any clear documents or tutorials.If any, please help me. Thank you

Sara (Rasa docs assistant): GitHub - RasaHQ/rasa-demo: Sara - the Rasa Demo Bot: An example of a contextual AI assistant built with the open source Rasa Stack is connected to the docs website: Build contextual chatbots and AI assistants with Rasa

Thanks @Ghostvv for providing docs but I want to put my locally trained rasa chatbot in a website. how to do it? what is the exact procedure?

here is the docs on how to connect to a website: Your Own Website

@skjainmiah You can also check out this Rasa Masterclass video where we show how it works in practice using Rasa X. The process is very similar if you only use only Rasa Open Source.

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I’m using rasa open source only.

  1. First I need to buy domain and I bought it
  2. Second thing is I need to point the dns to rasa server ? if I do that then where to host my custom website? as it is not show properly. The available webchat script was running local server only and it was clear in the video.
  3. So whats the solution for this

@skjainmiah You custom website can run on any server provider out there you choose. For example, you could host it on Netlify, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform or your own custom server. Once your website is running on a server the rest should be just like it was covered in the video - including the webchat widget in your website’s code, configuring the PathURL and testing it

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I’m hosting my website online currently. I tried to place entire rasa folder and environment into the hosting site but still its not working. I got confused. Should I take my entire Rasa Folder and Environment to hosting with docker?

HI All,

Even i am having the same issue, I built a Chatbot by using Rasa for my organisation regarding the HR policies question and answer and when it came to integration to organisations website i got struck and i dont find any clear documentation on this.

Question 1: Is it mandatory to have domain name , DNS etc stuff to my Rasa Chatbot ? for integration purpose.

Question 2: Is there any approach how i can integrate my chatbot to my website? Please suggest.

Approaches i tried.

  1. Tried to create an API by using Flask. In that I tried to read NLU pkl files and tried to execute the pipeline but for core part i dont see any pkl files if that is the case only i can intent based on NLU pkl files where i cannot incorporate my core part. So is there any possibility to get pkl file for my trained model on NLU and Core?

Appreciate your help.

Hi, I am trying to test it locally so when i try using rasa-web i am not able to the link shows some react code which is not working. there are no proper documentation as well. and also can i do it on local machine or is it required to buy a domain and then only this will work?

did you find a solution? I don’t have a domain to test this but I found a link for deploying rasa chatbot using docker https://elements.heroku.com/buttons/just-ai/rasa-heroku-template