How to deploy the chatbot on our own website. Can we do this using rest input channel. Please brief me steps in detail or give some information about process

How to provide dynamic answer to the user stored in the MySql database table. Please brief me.thanks in advance.

Can you please add more context to your question here?

I want to fetch the data from mysql tables. wrt to the user input. and also want to check user entered input with tables values.

I would imagine using the custom action server with some type of python library or way of interacting with mysql would be the best option here. Probably something like MySQL :: MySQL Connector/Python Developer Guide :: 5.1 Connecting to MySQL Using Connector/Python

This is actually what I generally work on at my current job - writing services to translate user input to sql/api queries. I’d say its quite specific to the type of questions and data you are supporting. My best advice is to find the best way (and in an extensible way if needed) to map intents and entities to the queries you need to make. If complex enough, sometimes basic compiler topics help out. And of course, a database connection is needed.

thank you

I hava a one more query , please look into this

How to do language conversation means if user choose the hindi , english, marathi language then depend on choice the respective (utteranaces will be changed and how to give response to user with respective language). And which api is useful google api. or is there any in built functionality available in rasa?

thanks in advance