Information about Rasa Chatbot development and deployment


I am an intern at a banking company. I have been assigned to develop a chatbot to assist the staff members of the company. For example, a staff may have the following doubt “What are the policies to follow while applying for a loan?”. The chatbot should be able to retrieve relevant information from the policies documents and display the appropriate answer. I chose RASA for this purpose. I have a few questions:

  1. I am using RASA open source for this purpose (I am the only intern working on this and I did ask the officials to buy the enterprise license since no one have worked in this field here.) Will I be able to deploy my model on the company’s intranet server?
  2. Are there any security concerns? I have looked into the packages installed while downloading the rasa open-source and I didn’t find any security concerns. But still it will be sent to the security department for further analysis.
  3. Can I securely retrieve information from the policy documents without use of any external APIs, or llm APIs( like gpt-3.5, huggingface)? Security is the main concern here.

For the purpose of internship, I want to make a simple demo type project to show the capabilities of the chatbot. Will I be able to do this with the above constraints and on my local pc?

I am not very much aware of web development, but I have worked in ai/ml and have good grasp over python. I would be extremely grateful if someone could tell me the workflow and the tech stack that I can learn to enhance my development experience.

Thanks and Regards, Prakhar Kumar Sinha