Yaml Validation Exception Failed to validate. but it shows no error

YamlValidationException: Failed to validate ‘C:\Tensorflow\ChatBot\Pysch\domain. yml’. Please make sure the file is correct and all mandatory parameters are spec ified. Here are the errors found during validationPreformatted text

here is my domian.yml please help me this for project config.yml (665 Bytes)domain.yml (12.3 KB)

Hi gopimys, Did you ever figure out a solution to this problem? I am getting the same error Failed to Validate when I try to run rasa train or rasa x. Even though YAMLlint.com says its valid. I am stuck.

Probably its too late for the op, but for those who come after, I had this problem as well. The problem was with the formation of my buttons. The important thing is that whether the text line for the button is first or the button line is first, there is only a dash for one not the other. If you put a dash in front of both the text and the button lines you will get this error. Yaml linters will not catch this. Here’s examples of forming buttons. So either:

  - text: Religious Studies are part of the Department of Philosophy and Religion; although these programs of study are different, they cover many of the same bases.
    - text: Yeah
      payload: /rel_link_yes
    - text: Nah 
      payload: /rel_link_no


    - buttons:
      - payload: /quiz_help
        title: Quizzes
      - payload: /reflection_help
        title: Reflections
      - payload: /kritik_help
        title: Article Analysis
      text: Ok! You need help with doing your assignment. I can help with that. Which assignment would you like information on?

Hope this helps someone but mostly its so when I google this again I’ll see it.