Hi , I has encontred YmlValidationError after training my rasa chatbot . Can someone help me to solve this problem ?

You can validate your yaml with yamlchecker.

@EyaGrouz1 do check the syntax and indentation in domain.yml or check with yamlchecker suggested by rasa_leaner. Hope this will help you Domain

I validated the domain.yml file with yml checker and all the others files . actions.py (1.4 KB) config.yml (1.6 KB)

domain.yml (694 Bytes) nlu.yml (10.4 KB) rules.yml (244 Bytes) stories.yml (875 Bytes) Can you check with me the action.py file . Thank u

The main idea of the project is to Fetch response from a CSV file .

@EyaGrouz1 this is not related to the main issue. You need to create a new thread for this use-case.