Wildcard intent for any utterance except for EndConversation given with a certain story


I am looking for setting a sort of wildcard intent covering almost any utterances except for EndConversation queries in a certain story like:

- story: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (dealing with blaming)
  - intent: feel_sad_due_to_someone
  - action: utter_empathy
  - action: ask_scale_sadness
  - intent: scale_sadness
  - action: ask_why_sad_due_to_someone
  - intent: wildcard_intent
  - action: utter_emotion_is_from_you
  - action: utter_medidation_for_being_independent

In other words, there are some cases in which you don’t need to classify an intent since regardless of what the input utterance is the response is set if there is a certain context. Is there any way to deal with this kind of wildcard intent? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Take a look at a rule with a slot_was_set condition as shown here. But, I’m not sure if the steps: section can start with an action?