Recognize all intent from wildcard intent and provide response through action

I want my bot to recognize any intent in between slot fillings through the form and provide response to that intent through action as per latest message tracker bot:utter_ask_username user: intent_provide_username bot: utter_ask_address user:intent_greet (here when the form expects the address slot to be filled, user interrupts with a certain intent_greet. How can we make a rule or story so that it can recognize any intent in between slot_filling through form.

You’ll find some examples similar to your request in the financial-demo here.

You could also try something like this:

- rule: sample_form answer faq and return
  - active_loop: sample_form
  - action: sample_form
  - intent: intent_greet
  - action: utter_greet
  - action: sample_form
  - active_loop: sample_form

This works if there is intent_greet interruption. But for other intents, should we make different rules? isn’t there any way to work this out in just one rule for any intent.