Why has docker-compose installation been deprecated?

IMO docker-compose install is an easy and straightforward way to get started with rasa-x. Kubernetes is overkill as it requires a lot of additional knowledge with no actual benefit unless you are running on multiple machines So why would the easy method be deprecated?

You are refering in context to rasa 1.0.x as compared to rasa 0.42.X is that right?


I would also like to know what the rational is to deprecate docker-compose. I found it easy to install and adapt, but now I am forced into Kubernetes (overkill for most people indeed). It is also not clear to me how Kubernetes affects already deployed docker-compose-based implementations, especially if I can have only one nginx container/pod on my server due to port openess restrictions (which means I need to modify the Rasa-X nginx configuration to make things work).