Error encountered while installing Rasa X

Hello, Am trying to deploy Rasa X on a server as a set of Docker containers. I encountered this error. What am I possibly doing wrong… RasaX_error

Hi @Minute_Man, which OS are you installing this on?

hello @akelad, am using Linux Mint.

That OS isn’t officially supported wiht the docker compose quick install script, so I can’t guarantee it’ll worked. Have you taken a look at other deployment options on our page?

Thank you for getting back to me. I actually encountered issues with the windows platform due to tensorflow dependencies. So I preferred using docker deployment which has really worked well during my model training. What do you suggest?

The OSes supported officially out of the box are: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and RHEL (as described here). For everything else you will have to use the manual installation instructions

Thank you. Will do