Kubernetes deprecates Docker

Dear community, I have recently started my Rasa Advanced Deployment certification Workshop (on Udemy).

And today I learned that Kubernetes is deprecating Docker. I know there are various ways to deploy Rasa X and the assistant, but I believe (I might be wrong, as I have not yet finished the workshop) the workshop only covers using Kubernetes together with Docker Compose.

So as far as I know, to use Kubernetes, one needs to switch to containerd as the container runtime from now on.

So my question is: how to handle this? What would you recommend?

Would there be an update to the Advanced Deployment Workshop or otherwise an updated instructional video on your YouTube channel?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @KasiaB,

We don’t need to panic. It sound like a little scary for now. But will not impact everyone.

Read the below blog for more information:

Thanks, Uday.

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